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Part Design and Manufacturing

Engineering Design

Young International-Ely Tool uses advanced state-of-the-art design software to provide our clients with computer-aided engineering specs, including product and manufacturing information (PMI), stress analysis, engineering drawings, and assembly modeling.

Our engineering and design team has decades of experience with aerospace production, tooling design, close tolerance applications, work holding applications for fixtures and transport carts. Put our experience to the test as we look forward to offering you a quote on your next project.

Fixtures and lifting devices

Ely Tool has been developing work hold applications for decades. Our fixtures and lifting devices are designed to increase efficiency and safety on the production floor. These applications are engineered and designed to allow further tooling and component assembly during the manufacturing process.



Various components during the tooling and development process require testing applications to ensure the highest tolerance specifications are being met. Ely tool can develop testing equipment and gages for hardness testing and other applications that ensure the highest quality standards are being met for every single component.


Transport Carts

We provide material handling solutions to your exact specifications. Our aerospace clients look to us to design and develop equipment for material lifts during the manufacturing process. From engineering blueprints to testing, design, and implementation on the production floor, Ely Tool has the expertise to deliver results


Young International-Ely Tool specializes in close tolerance precision machining for the Aerospace Industry.  We provide engineering design for fixtures and material handling and then have the on-site capability to manufacture to our customer’s exact specifications.